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What signals do employers use when hiring? Evidence from a survey experiment in the apprenticeship market
Fossati Flavia, Wilson Anna, Bonoli Giuliano, 2020/05/09. European Sociological Review. Peer-reviewed.
R.I.C.E. – An Integrated Model of Welfare Deservingness Perceptions
Knotz Carlo, Gandenberger Mia, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2020/04/06. (26),
Social investment, active labour market policies and migration
Bonoli Giuliano, 2020. pp. 193-206 dans Careja Romana, Emmenegger Patrick, Giger Nathalie (eds.) The European Social Model under Pressure, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.
A federalist's dilemma: Trade-offs between social legitimacy and budget responsibility in multi-tiered welfare states
Bonoli Giuliano, Natili Marcello, Trein Philipp, 2019/02. Journal of European Social Policy, 29 (1) pp. 56-69. Peer-reviewed.
Bringing firms on board. Inclusiveness of the dual apprenticeship systems in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark: Bringing firms on board
Bonoli Giuliano, Wilson Anna, 2019/01/04. International Journal of Social Welfare. Peer-reviewed.
Social Security Policy
Bonoli Giuliano, 2019. pp. 309-322 dans Ladner Andreas, Soguel Nils, Emery Yves, Weerts Sophie, Nahrath Stéphane (eds.) Swiss Public Administration : Making the State Work Successfully, Springer International Publishing.
More than noise? Explaining instances of minority preference in correspondence studies of recruitment
Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2018/07/25. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies pp. 1-17. Peer-reviewed.
Good intentions and Matthew effects: access biases in participation in active labour market policies
Bonoli Giuliano, Liechti Fabienne, 2018/06/03. Journal of European Public Policy, 25 (6) pp. 894-911. Peer-reviewed.
The Matching Hierarchies Model : Evidence from a Survey Experiment on Employers' Hiring Intent Regarding Immigrant Applicants
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, Liechti Fabienne, 2018/05. International Migration Review. Peer-reviewed.
Discrimination Multipliers : How Immigrants’ integration affects labour market disadvantage
Fossati Flavia, Liechti Fabienne, Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, 2017. (2) 22 MIM Working Papers Series, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM).
Evaluation de l’Unité commune ORP- CSR en Ville de Lausanne
Bonoli Giuliano, Lalive Rafael, Oesch Daniel, Bigotta Maurizio, Cottier Lionel, Fossati Flavia, 2017. 49, Université de Lausanne; Ville de Lausanne.
Shifting Reform Strategies in European Welfare States
Bonoli G., 2017. pp. 39-62 dans Qi D., Yang L. (eds.) Social Development and Social Policy : International Experiences and China's Reform, World Scientific Publishing.
The Signalling Value of Labour Market Programmes
Liechti Fabienne, Fossati Flavia, Bonoli Giuliano, Auer Daniel, 2017. European Sociological Review, 33 (2) pp. 257-274. Peer-reviewed.
Why do immigrants have longer periods of unemployment ? Swiss evidence
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2017. International Migration, 55 (1) pp. 157-174. Peer-reviewed.
Les conséquences du travail à temps partiel sur les prestations de prévoyance vieillesse
Bonoli G., Crettaz E., Auer D., Liechti F., 2016/06. 48 Rapport final, IDHEAP.
Cost-Shifting in Multitiered Welfare States : Responding to Rising Welfare Caseloads in Germany and Switzerland
Bonoli G., Trein P., 2016. Publius : The Journal of Federalism, 46 (4) pp. 596-622.
Europe's Social Safety Net Under Pressure
Bonoli G., 2016. Current History, 115 (779) pp. 102-107.
The Signaling Value of Labor Market Programs
Liechti F., Fossati F., Bonoli G., Auer D., 2016. (9) 27 Working paper series, nccr - on the move.
Mieux récompenser la réinsertion des bénéficiaires de l'aide sociale
Kahil B., Bonoli G., Fischer S., 2015/02. Plaidoyer , 33 (2) pp. 6-8.
Availability, Cost or Culture ? : Obstacles to Childcare Services for Low-Income Families
Abrassart A., Bonoli G., 2015. Journal of Social Policy, 44 (4) pp. 787-806.
Best practice report on policy learning infrastructures in innovative labour market policies
Bonoli G., Trein P., 2015. (D5.4), EU Commission.
Federalism and Welfare to Work in Switzerland: The Development of Active Social Policies in a Fragmented Welfare State
Bonoli G., Champion C., 2015. Publius : The Journal of Federalism, 45 (1) pp. 77-98.
Inequality in social capital and labour market re-entry among unemployed people
Bonoli G., Turtschi N., 2015. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 42 pp. 87-95.
It's Discrimination, Stupid : Labour Market (Re-) Entry Difficulties among Different Immigrant Groups in Switzerland
Auer Daniel, Bonoli Giuliano, Fossati Flavia, 2015. (2) 30 Working paper series, nccr - on the move.
L'accès des familles migrantes défavorisées à l'accueil collectif préscolaire : où et comment investir ?
Bonoli G., Champion C., 2015. 57, IDHEAP.
Labour market innovations and policy learning : report on Switzerland
Bonoli G., Pisoni D., Trein P., 2015. (D5.2), EU Commission.
Policy learning in Europe : social policy and labour market reforms in 11 countries
Philipp T., Bonoli G., Pisoni D., 2015. (D5.3), EU Commission.
Rik Van Berkel, Willibrord de Graaf and Tomá? Sirovátka (eds.) (2011), The Governance of Active Welfare States in Europe. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Bonoli G., 2015. Journal of Social Policy, 44 (2) pp. 402-404.
Employers' attitudes towards long-term unemployed people and the role of activation in Switzerland
Bonoli G., 2014. International Journal of Social Welfare, 23 (4) pp. 421-430.
Integration of social and labour market policy institutions : towards more control and responsiveness ?
Champion C., Bonoli G., 2014. pp. 201-219 dans Farnsworth K., Irving Z., Fenger M. (eds.) Analysis and debate in social policy, 2014 chap. 11, Policy Press.
L'impact des réseaux sociaux sur le retour à l'emploi des chômeurs (The impact of social networks on re-employment)
Bonoli G., Lalive R., Oesch D., Turtschi N., von Ow A., Arni P., Parrotta P., 2014. (60) IZA Research Report, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA).
Networking the unemployed : Can policy interventions facilitate access to employment through informal channels ?
Bonoli G., 2014. International Social Security Review, 67 (2) pp. 85-106.
Social Investment Policies in Times of Permanent Austerity
Bonoli G., 2014., Paper presented at XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology (July 13-19, 2014) Yokohama, Japan..
The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms : Social Democracy's Transformation and its Political Costs
Bonoli G., 2014. West European Politics, 37 (5) pp. 1190-1191.
La réinsertion professionnelle des bénéficiaires de l'aide sociale en Suisse et en Allemagne
Bonoli G., Champion C., Schlanser R., 2013. Cahier de l'IDHEAP, 281, IDHEAP.
The Origins of Active Social Policy : Labour Market and Childcare Policies in a Comparative Perspective
Bonoli G., 2013. 219, Oxford University Press.
Active labour market policy and social investment : a changing relationship
Bonoli G., 2012. pp. 181-204 dans Morel N., Palier B., Palme P. (eds.) Towards a social investment welfare state ? : Ideas, policies and challenges, The Policy Press.
Blame Avoidance and Credit Claiming Revisited
Bonoli G., 2012. pp. 93-110 dans Bonoli G., Natali D. (eds.) The Politics of the New Welfare State, Oxford University Press.
Multidimensional Transformations in the Early 21st Century Welfare States
Bonoli G., Natali D., 2012. pp. 287-306 dans Bonoli G., Natali D. (eds.) The Politics of the New Welfare State, Oxford University Press.
Statistical discrimination and employers' recruitment : Practices for low-skilled workers
Bonoli G., Hinrichs K., 2012. European Societies, 14 (3) pp. 338-361.
The Politics of the 'New' Welfare States : Analysing Reforms in Western Europe : Introduction
Bonoli G., Natali D., 2012. pp. 3-17 dans Bonoli G., Natali D. (eds.) The Politics of the New Welfare State, Oxford University Press.
The Politics of the New Welfare State
Bonoli G., Natali D. (eds.), 2012. 316, Oxford University Press.
Active labour market policy in a changing economic context
Bonoli G., 2011. pp. 318-332 dans Clasen J., Clegg D. (eds.) Regulating the risk of unemployment : national adaptations to post-industrial labour markets in Europe chap. 16, Oxford University Press.
Institutional fragmentation and coordination initiatives in western European welfare states
Champion C., Bonoli G., 2011. Journal of European Social Policy, 21 (4) pp. 323-334.
Swiss welfare reforms in a comparative European perspective : between retrenchment and activation
Bonoli G., Häusermann S., 2011. pp. 186-204 dans Trampusch C., Mach A. (eds.) Switzerland in Europe : continuity and change in the Swiss political economy chap. 11, Routledge.
Transformations of the Welfare State. Small States, Big Lessons
Bonoli G., 2011. Swiss Political Science Review, 17 (4) pp. 497-499.
Zur Reform der Sozialversicherungssysteme in Europa
Bonoli G., 2011. Die Volkswirtschaft, 84 (1/2) pp. 4-7.
Worlds of working poverty : Cross-national variation in the mechanisms that lead to poverty among workers
Crettaz E., Bonoli G., 2010/06. (539) 17 LIS Working Paper Series, Luxembourg Income Study.
State-Society Relationships, Social Trust and the Development of Labour Market Policies in Italy and Sweden
Bonoli G., Emmenegger P., 2010. West European Politics, 33 (4) pp. 830-850.
The Political Economy of Active Labor-Market Policy
Bonoli G., 2010. Politics and Society, 38 (4) pp. 435-457.
The political economy of childcare in OECD countries : Explaining cross-national variation in spending and coverage rates
Bonoli G., Reber F., 2010. European Journal of Political Research, 49 (1) pp. 97-118.
Who Wants What from the Welfare State ? Socio-structural Cleavages in Distributional Politics: Evidence from Swiss Referendum Votes
Bonoli G., Häusermann S., 2010. pp. 187-205 dans Tremmel J. C. (eds.) A young generation under pressure ? : the financial situation and the "rush hour" of the cohorts 1970-1985 in a generational comparison chap. 10, Springer.
Age de la retraite, pénibilité du travail et durée de la vie active : pistes pour une différenciation des prestations d’assurance vieillesse sur la base de critères sociaux
Abrassart Aurélien, Bonoli Giuliano, 2009. (1/2009) 20 Working paper de l'IDHEAP, IDHEAP.
Faire face aux défis de l'Etat social : la stratégie de l'investissement
Bonoli G., 2008. pp. 1-18 dans Bonoli G., Bertozzi F. (eds.) Les nouveaux défis de l'Etat social = Neue Herausforderungen für den Sozialstaat chap. 1, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes ; Haupt.
Flexicurity: flessibilità e sicurezza in un mercato del lavoro efficiente
Bonoli G., 2008. pp. 18-26 dans Lavoro flessibile: vademecum per una gestione sicura dei rapporti di lavoro flessibili, Boss.
La réforme de l'État social en Suisse: vieillissement, emploi, conflit travail-famille
Bertozzi F., Bonoli G., Gay-des-Combes B., 2008., 2e ed. Le savoir suisse 136, PPUR.
Les nouveaux défis de l'Etat social = Neue Herausforderungen für den Sozialstaat
Bonoli G., Bertozzi F. (eds.), 2008. Contributions à l'action publique 252, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes ; Haupt.
Réorienter les régimes sociaux vers la réinsertion professionnelle
Bonoli G., 2008. 16, IDHEAP.
The political economy of activation
Bonoli G., 2008. 21, IDHEAP.
The political economy of activation : Explaining cross-national variation in active labour market policy
Bonoli Giuliano, 2008. (1/2008) 21 Working paper de l'IDHEAP, IDHEAP.
The Swiss Road to Activation: Legal Aspects, Implementation and Outcomes
Bertozzi F., Bonoli G., Ross F., 2008. pp. 243-272 dans Bringing the Jobless into Work? Experiences with Activation Schemes in Europe and the US, Springer.
When past reforms open up new opportunities: comparing old-age insurance reforms
Bonoli G., Palier B., 2008. pp. 21-39 dans Bismarckian welfare systems in Reforming the Bismarckian welfare systems, Blackwell.
Adapting employment policies to post-industrial labour market risks
Bonoli Giuliano , 2006. (6/2006) 22 Working paper de l'IDHEAP, IDHEAP.
Politiques sociales, immigration et natalité : pourrons-nous éviter le crash démographique ?
Bonoli G., 2006. pp. 1-12 dans Chappelet J.-L. (eds.) Contributions à l'action publique = Beiträge zum öffentlichen Handeln chap. 1, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes; Haupt.
Ageing and Pension Reform around the World : Evidence from Eleven Countries
Bonoli G., Shinkawa T. (eds.), 2005., E. Elgar.
L'évolution de l'Etat social suisse en perspective comparative
Bonoli G., 2005. dans Suter C., Joye D., Renschler I. (eds.) Rapport social 2004, Seismo.
La réforme de l'Etat social en Suisse : vieillissement, emploi, conflit travail-famille
Bertozzi F., Bonoli G., Gay-des-Combes B., 2005. Le savoir suisse 130, PPUR.
The politics of the new social policies. Providing coverage against new social risks in mature welfare states.
Bonoli G., 2005. Policy and Politics, 33 p. 3.
Research Note: The new Swiss Employment Puzzle.
Mach A., Bonoli G., 2001. Revue suisse de science politique, 7 (2) pp. 81-94.
Implementing Major Reforms of the Welfare State. France and Switzerland Compared
Merrien F., Bonoli G., 2000. pp. 128-145 dans Kuhnle S. (eds.) Survival of the European Welfare State, Routledge.
Switzerland: Adjustment Politics within Institutional Constraints.
Mach A., Bonoli G., 2000. pp. 131-173 dans Scharpf F, Schmidt V (eds.) Welfare and Work in the Open Economy. Diverse Responses to Common Challenges, Oxford University Press.
Classifying Welfare States : a Two-dimension Approach
Bonoli G., 1997. Journal of Social Policy, 26 (3) pp. 351-372.
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